The factory is built in in September 2015 in the area of village Senokos, Municipality Balchik, Dobrich County, Bulgaria. It is located on area of 16 000 sq. meters. The total usable area of the building is 9800 sq. meters. The proximity to the port of Balchik and Varna increase and facilitate opportunities to transport the ready production. 

The factory is equipped with modern lines, with integrated control electronic facilities. It was built with the possibility of using the steam produced by the boiler, burning straw, as well as using power supply from PV (photovoltaic system) for the production of electricity and natural power supply. The main innovation is that the factory is an energy efficient and self utilizing one using relatively cheap raw materials, such as straw, delivering steam to supply the main production lines as well as energy from the sun to supply the refrigerators. 

For the necessary power supply is built a PV photovoltaic system with voltage of 110 kW, fixed on the roof of the warehouse for ready products, with excellent sun shine position.

Through the use of biomass and solar energy to satisfy the power consumption for the production of the enterprise environment protection is also achieved.