Agropakt Ltd. Dobrich, Bulgaria was established in 2007. It is a constantly developing and expanded company, seeking to diversify its activities. For this purpose, in September 2015, the company built a new, modern, highly specialized and high-tech enterprise for processing of fruits and vegetables and production of quality fruit and vegetable cans.

The factory is built in the area of village Senokos, Municipality Balchik, Dobrich County, Bulgaria. The proximity to the port of Balchik and Varna increase and facilitate opportunities to transport the ready production. It is located on area of 16 000 sq. meters, which include production facilities, storage areas, independent wastewater plant, and staff areas, etc. In order to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables cold store with large capacity is constructed. The total usable area of the building is 9800 sq. meters. Through the use of biomass and solar energy to satisfy the power consumption for the production of the enterprise environment protection is also achieved. 

Strict inspection of incoming raw materials, packaging and finished products ensure permanent high quality standards of the ready production. The technology complies with the requirements of good hygiene and manufacturing practices requirements of the EU and HACCP system. Company products are IFS certified.

Agropakt Ltd. holds own land for growing vegetables and fruits. The company also has contracts with external farmers in the region producing exclusive for the company.

The factory has equipped physic-chemical lab that primary controls within the enterprise on the one hand and on the other makes it possible to exercise control of production in different formulations to obtain a product by customer desire and specification, including production with an external brand – as requested by the client. The received certificates guarantee the daily monitoring of the production process and quality of finished products.

The production capacity is at least 7 million cans per year, which is increasing. The factory is equipped with modern and approved machinery to produce quality, safe and delicious products. The operation of autoclaves is with electronics, enabling modes of sterilization to be kept in memory for two years. Moreover, the factory has DATA LOGER for additional process control packages during thermal processing, tracking temperature and pressure. The labeling line consists of a verification machine for the vacuum of the ready products, X-ray check for foreign materials, labeling machine for packing with shrink film.

Agropakt Ltd. Dobrich can produce the whole range of canned fruits and vegetables and ready meals. The existing technologies allow the production of variety of products by customers’ requirements. The factory has the production capacity for bio products with raw material, recipe and regime provided by the customer.

Agropakt Ltd. does not use preservatives, stabilizers, color agents or emulsifiers in the production process. The products are completely pure, natural and of excellent quality standard.